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ACCEL is now part of Littelfuse!

ACCEL AB is a leading manufacturer of advanced electromechanical products, primarily sensors and switches used in the automotive industry. Its products are grouped into four main categories: solar sensors, belt-buckle switches, water in fuel sensors and steering wheel, primarily used in the automotive industry. Littelfuse acquired ACCEL in 2012.

As a franchised Littelfuse distributor, GSI can offer pricing and supply chain support on the ACCEL AB range.


Solar sensors - Photo optical, sensors used to measure the solar radiation intensity for car climate control systems.

All sensors can be installed with additional features e.g. thermoresistors, ambient light sensor or LED theft-alarm indicator.

Belt Buckle Sensor - Product is used to control the airbag function and the warning lamp, which informs the driver if he or she has forgotten to buckle up. Available in two versions: electrical (Hall effect sensor) and mechanic design.

Water in fuel sensors - Product is used to control the warning lamp, which informs the driver if there is defined level of water into the diesel fuel filter. Prevention of water getting into the diesel injection system save injectors and engine.

Control Units:
Purpose of this unit is to control rotation speed (rpm) of fan motor in climate control unit. Control voltage is supplied from AC control unit. Products available in custom design both electrically and mechanically. All modules have: Thermal protection, Short circuit connection protection, Reverse polarity protection, Over current protection.

Steering Wheel Switches - Product is integrated into steering wheel and used for control of radio, telephone, lights, cruise control etc. functions