Marine and Industrial Products

GSI are able to offer a full range of electrical and protection products to address customer needs for safe control and distribution of electrical power in the most challenging marine and industrial applications.


We support a vast range of products specifically designed for the industrial and marine industries including:


Alarm and Annunciator Panels
Engine Controllers
Industrial switches
Battery disconnect switches
Battery management devices
DC Solenoids Relays
Industrial Fuse blocks and fuse holders
Sealed key and Ignition switches
Alarm Panels
Waterproof fuse holders and 
Splash proof inline fuse holders


Manufacturers in more detail…

SymCom - overload relays and pump controllers to the industrial market


Selco - is a leading manufacturer of extremely reliable protection relays, generator- and engine-control products that are used in marine and power-generation applications.


Startco - is a recognized leader in ground-fault protection products and custom power distribution centers that are used in mining and other heavy industries


Cole Hersee - is well-known for its broad range of reliable electromechanical and electronic switch and control devices. Products are used by industrial vehicle producers, construction, marine and plant machinery industries.