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110V AC power supply protector PD Devices

Protection of equipment connected to AC power supplies against the damaging effects of lightning strikes or voltage surges   Fitment to nominal 110V, 140V and 650V SSI AC power supplies in line side equipment housings   MOV and SAD component technology Compact design Resilient design with long service life   BENEFITS   Simple installation   Protection for signals, points, level crossings etc at each, and in between, every station   Service life of protected equipment extended   Reduced failure rate of TFMs during lightning storms improves system performance   Cost of surge protection devices far outweighs safety issues, downtime and equipment replacement   Approvals Network Rail Certificate of Acceptance PA05/0602 Issue 1   EN 60950 BS 5733 BS6651:1999 Annex C                                    

PD Devices   110V AC power supply protector PADS No: 086/047167

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