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Furse ESP/SSI/120AC

ESP/SSI/120AC PADS no. 086/047058

£210.00 exc VAT

Cole Hersee Windshield Wiper Switches

Single and Dual motor, with or without Nobs

Manufacturer: Cole Hersee

POA - Contact GSI.

FURSE ESP415M1 - Surge Protector, 415V, 3 PHASE

 Typical uses include the protection of:

Computer equipment, transmitter/receiver systems, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), drives and inverters programmable logic controllers, (PLC) medical equipment




£489.42 exc VAT

Furse ESP240M1 200-280v single phase mains protector

Mains power distribution protector for transient overvoltage's

£310.00 exc VAT


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Network Rail approved Protector for SSI mains power and data links PADS no. 086/047066



£39.99 exc VAT


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base unit for the ESP/SSI/M module. PADs approval no. 86/047067

Use with ESP/SSI/M click here


£13.99 exc VAT

SL1026-275 Heavy Duty Surge Arrestor

275V Surge Arrestor PADS No: 086/000593

£11.91 exc VAT


ESP SSI tester

POA - Contact GSI.

SL1026-400 heavy duty arrestor

For holder ref to part SL1053B PADS No: 086/000594

£19.91 exc VAT

SL1026-700 heavy duty arrestor

700V surge arrestor PADS No: 086/000595

£18.90 exc VAT

SL1053B Arrestor holder

It is recommended that this product is used in conjunction with the SL1056 back plate. PADs approval no. 86/000592

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£15.88 exc VAT

SL1056 Mounting plate

Mounting plate for the SL1053/SL1026 series. Includes earth connection

£27.00 exc VAT

DC Traction Arrestor

DC voltage Protector for the Traction industry
£350.00 exc VAT

ESP120M1 90-150V single phase mains protector

Superseding the popular ESP 120  this advanced new protector offers many additional benefits.
£225.00 exc VAT

Low voltage limiter PDLCLB500

Primarily designed for DC traction systems. Used as to reduce electro-chemical corrosion effects that would result from the earthing of raols, where possible, direct earthing is not used.
£250.00 exc VAT