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Littelfuse SELCO


Littelfuse SELCO - Electronic Monitoring and Protection Systems for the Shipping Industry


Littelfuse SELCO is a world-leading manufacturer of electronic relays and equipment for control, monitoring and protection of power generators and industrial processes.

Since the 1960s, Littelfuse SELCO's technology has provided the electrical power generation market with high-class equipment, meeting the major international standards. All products hold major marine-type approvals.

Littelfuse SELCO's products are designed to operate under harsh environmental conditions and made to match the toughest marine and offshore applications. With its headquarters based in Denmark and locations in Dubai, Shanghai, Singapore and Mumbai, Littelfuse SELCO offers a wide-range of products across four main areas:

SELCO A/S is a leading manufacturer of extremely reliable protection relays, generator- and engine-control products that are used in marine and power-generation applications. Littelfuse acquired SELCO, of Roskilde, Denmark, in 2011.


SELCO’s generator control and protection products and arc-flash detection systems are used for protection, control and monitoring of equipment and critical processes in marine, offshore and land-based applications. 


The SELCO products were an excellent addition to the Littelfuse electrical business and expanded our line of protection relays. With the increasing focus on safety in the industrial workplace, our protection relays are a strategic growth area for Littelfuse.