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SymCom, Inc. is a leader in electronic control and protection, providing overload relays and pump controllers to the general industrial, oil and gas, and irrigation markets.  Littelfuse acquired SymCom, of Rapid City, South Dakota, in 2014.




Often recognized by the MotorSaver®, PumpSaver® and SSAC® brand names, SymCom’s products provide protection, communications and control for most types and sizes of motors and pumps.  The SymCom product line includes current and voltage monitors, motor and pump controls, and custom electronic controls.  The company also manufactures load sensors, alternating relays, intrinsically-safe relays, software and custom controller boards.


Why SymCom?


The acquisition of SymCom is an important step forward in our strategy to diversify the Littelfuse protection relay line and strengthen our position in the broader industrial markets.  The acquisition provides opportunities to leverage the combined product line through our established distribution channels, as well as cross-selling to both Littelfuse and SymCom customers.