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WDC – Western Design Centre
The Embedded Intelligence Company

The Western Design Centre has time tested products, matched with fabless production that will be around to support the life of your current project and your projects left to come.

The WDC supplies the CMOS 65xx brand family of MPU, MCU and peripheral IC/Chips for your new and existing designs

The extended IP/Core offering now includes our customizable programmable MCU’s for your next generation PLD or ASIC controller

65xx Brand Chips

W65C02S 8-bit
W65C816S 16-bit

W65C134S 8-bit
W65C265S 16-bit

W65C21 Peripheral Interface Adapter (PIA)
W65C22 Versatile Interface Adapter (VIA)
W65C51 Async. Comm Interface Adapter (ACIA)

Markets – Telecom, Automotive, Medical, Consumer, Industrial, Aerospace

History – WDC, founded in 1978, began selling 65xx brand microprocessor chips to Apple Computer in 1984, making it the first supplier of microprocessors as a fabless semiconductor company. Through the last 30 years, the 65xx brand is estimated to have over six billion embedded 65xx processors shipped and is growing every year.

We are able to cross refer these parts with Rockwell, Hitachi, CMD/GTE and MOS Technolohy

For more information please contact us at [email protected]